About Us

Gloria’s Flower was created with the mission to deliver positive messages on quality materials at reasonable prices. We celebrate feeling good and looking good.

Gloria’s Flower is for all of us. For me, for you, for friends, for lovers, for stoners, for drinkers, for people who love life, and the people who are surviving life too. We see all of you.

If you vibe with us it means you enjoy having fun and you’re trying your best each day to be true to your authentic self.

We are fun clothing for fun people, real clothing for real people. We are positive messages and cheesy af. We aim to vibrate higher. You should come sit with us - because the world knows we need more people like you at the table and together we all will rise.

What does “Gloria’s Flower” mean?

It’s a play on words.

“Gloria’s” is a mix of the word Glorious and the ladies name which could be thought of as an older/maternal woman (mother nature vibes). Flower is Cannabis. (Ya dig).

The company has a stoner feel good vibe to it, but we aren’t here just to promote cannabis.

We are all about being good humans and sharing that with you.

We only have one world, love yourself & others.

Gloria’s Flower. Homegrown in Phoenix Arizona. Worldwide Vibes.

Be a Good Human